Yaba Pills, Shabu Most Prevalent Smuggled Drugs to Malaysia

Yaba pills, including shabu are rampant in Malaysia, sneaked from Thailand and its borders.

Methamphetamine or “yaba pills” and shabu are the most prevalent types of drugs brought illegally to Malaysia. Smuggling takes place through criminal bases along the Thailand-Malaysian border via the Golok River.

What Are Yaba Pills?

Yaba pills are a combination of methamphetamine and caffeine. The drug means “crazy medicine” in Thai and is usually made in Southeast and East Asia. It’s popular among Asian communities in America as well as at shindigs and techno parties.

Under the Controlled Substances Act, yaba pills are prohibited because it contains methamphetamine, a Schedule II substance. Overuse of these drugs may result in serious psychological or physical dependence.

These are sold as brightly-coloured tablets (green or reddish-orange) and come in orange, vanilla, or grape flavour. Generally taken orally, users also heat them on an aluminium foil and breathe the fume or vapour. Others crush it into a powder and sniff it or sometimes incorporate it with a solvent for injection.

Also called Nazi speed, Users of these illegal substances are at risk of increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and damaged small brain blood vessels which can lead to stroke. Likewise, it can lead to inflammation of the heart lining, convulsions, hyperthermia, and even death.

Birthplace of Illegal Drug Supply

According to Narathiwat Police Chief Major Gen Anuruth Imarb, yaba pills came from Golden Triangle brought by drug trafficking syndicates before arriving at the southern border.

“The biggest seizure was made in Sungai Golok on July 2, 2020, and Aug 10 last year involving 2,000 kilogrammes of drugs worth 200 million baht. Investigations found that most of the traffickers started as addicts and their leader is from Songkhla,” said the Thai police chief.

He added that these drug trafficking syndicates also hire specific groups to establish uproar, targeting authorities and public areas. Pushers get their supplies effortlessly in the Narathiwat province and sell the illicit drugs. There are several drug trafficking groups in this province and have numerous connections with international groups.

Image Source: Psychonaught/WikimediaCommons