Xbox Game Pass Coming Soon in Southeast Asia

Xbox Game Pass will soon become available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
Xbox Game Pass will soon become available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass will soon become available for Southeast Asian Gamers.

Xbox Game Pass: Netflix for Games

In the realm of gaming, the Xbox Game Pass serves as the Netflix for games. The success of this subscription service branched out to mobile, PC, and cloud gaming. Microsoft revealed that they would start unveiling the PC Game Pass preview period to the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand for the first time.

PC and Xbox Game Pass are already accessible for gamers in Singapore. Gamers outside the said country need to make an effort to get hold of the service.

The PC Game Pass preview will enable Southeast Asian gamers to access a library of more than 100 high-quality games. It includes new Xbox Game Studios releases on day one, acclaimed Bethesda games, and an EA Play membership for one affordable monthly fee.

The PC games’ vast selection of multiple games and new ones will keep everyone occupied playing on this service. To ensure that all gamers are on the same page, it’s the PC Game  Pass that’s available in Southeast Asia for the time being. As for the Xbox Game Pass, it will come soon.

Gamers can participate in the Xbox Insider app’s preview to test and share their reactions. Such recommendations can help Microsoft make improvements and enhance the service at the same time. It will make the gaming experience more exciting and more engaging.

“At Xbox, our mission is simple, to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet. Bringing PC Game Pass to new countries in Southeast Asia is an important part of how we will achieve this as we strive to reach billions of players,” said Xbox Asia Business Lead Jeremy Hinton.

He added that PC Game Pass offers a massive collection of premium titles from various game studies. It also has episodes from every category. Xbox Insiders will have the initial opportunity to recognize PC Game Pass’s value. They anticipate making the service accessible to more gamers soon.

Games Subscription Service Preview

Microsoft will offer games subscription previews beginning today, March 29. To use the service, gamers can outlay a monthly fee to play an assortment of games. Gamers can access the preview through the Xbox Insider Hub app. They can find the app by searching the Microsoft Store app on a Windows PC, then look for Xbox Insider.

PC Game Pass titles include Sea of Thieves, Age of Empires IV, Minecraft, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Forza Horizon 5, to name a few. Gamers can also access Halo Infinite, The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout, among others. EA Play features The Sims, FIFA, Mass Effect, and Battlefield.

Moreover, there’s a separate Xbox Game Pass for Xbox console gamers. The preview for Southeast Asia is particularly for the PC version of its Game Pass. The main difference between the two is the games available on the console pass and vice versa. In the US, the PC Game Pass subscription starts at $10.

Image Source: Jean-Marc Trappler/WikimediaCommons