World War III: Is It Happening Already?

World War III is looming and Singapore Defence Chief is appealing to involved nations to become more diplomatic.

As Ukraine continues to stand its ground against the Russian forces, Taiwan is preparing to defend its land and people from China’s invasion. The rising global conflict could lead to feared World War III.

War in Asia, More Disastrous Than Ukraine War

According to Singapore Minister for Defence, Ng Eng Hen, the impending war in Asia could be more disastrous than the Ukraine conflict with Russia. Such hostility could have an impact associated with the repercussion of World War I. It’s where four prevailing empires were annihilated and the world map changed for nations and states.

“Should that calamity ever befall us, whatever the cause and post-hoc justifications, the world as we know it will be radically changed and indeed impoverished – a simultaneous war in Europe and Asia will be disastrous for all of us,” Dr Ng said.

He attended the 13th International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference Asia, or Imdex Asia, held at Changi Exhibition Centre. The minister said that the parties involved envision the probability of such circumstances. They analyse war game outcomes while fixing strategies at the same time.

Each country must redouble its diplomacy efforts, conflict inhibition and alleviation. Likewise, he stressed the necessity for confidence-building measures and understanding. He said that a clash in Asia, specifically between the US and China, will be dreadful. It would result in immeasurable disarray that the world will face.

Dr Ng appealed to China and ASEAN to hasten the culmination of a substantive code of conduct established on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. This law preserves the freedom of navigation while regarding the sovereign claims of each nation.

Are We Experiencing World War III Already?

Regardless if it starts in the South China Sea or Eastern Europe, it feels like World War III is already happening. Most countries around the world are protesting to free Ukraine and condemning China’s tyranny of its own people.

For several decades, China is perfecting its antisatellite missiles, testing a strike on a satellite in 2007. Such attacks could demolish most normal satellites, the loss of GPS, and telecommunications. It could also terminate online financial transactions as well as other major infrastructures that could incapacitate the entire planet.

If World War III happens, it would greatly affect the economy and the people’s quality of life. Moreover, China has also progressed with electromagnetic weapons, which can eradicate power grids across the US and its allied nations.

‘New Nostradamus’ Predicts World War III, Begins in Taiwan this 2023

Craig Hamilton-Parker, also known as the ‘New Nostradamus,’ predicts that World War III is imminent. He said that the war is closer to brewing than the mass thinks and informs the date when this international conflict will occur.

According to Hamilton-Parker, the war will start this year in Taiwan. The collision of two submarines or aircraft will provoke the conflict and a series of events will follow.

“I have said for some time that there is a conflict coming over Taiwan, which I think will happen in 2023. I think we will have an accidental conflict in some respects because we’re going to have something like a collision. Either submarines will hit each other or planes will cut each other off or somebody triggers it, and it all starts to spiral out of control,” he said on his YouTube channel.

Image Source: sunu_dhadho/pixabay