Vaccinated Travel Lanes: What You Should Know

Singapore will stretch its vaccinated travel lanes to 12-year-old children and below.
Singapore will stretch its vaccinated travel lanes to 12-year-old children and below. (Souce: pxhere)

Singapore will stretch its vaccinated travel lanes to 12-year-old children and below. The country’s move to encourage family travel will start on October 19.

The vaccinated travel lanes in the region are accessible for all travel. It can be for business, family visits, or even for leisure, as long as they meet the requirements.

Kids can enter Singapore without undergoing quarantine. Also, they don’t need to apply for a vaccinated travel pass, according to the Civil Aviation
Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

Vaccinated Travel Lanes Questions and Answers

If you are planning to travel in or out of Singapore, here are some essential things that you need to know:

Is your child eligible?

1. Your child needs accompaniment from a fully-vaccinated traveler. That person should fulfill all the requirements of the vaccinated travel lane system.

2. Children must be 12 years old and below and calculated by calendar year. It means that your kid should be born in or after 2009 onwards.

3. Your child should be a Singaporean, long-term pass holder, short-term visitor, or permanent resident.

4. Your child should have stayed in any of the vaccinated travel lane regions or Singapore in the last two weeks. It is a requirement before departing for Singapore.

5. Your child should be flying into Singapore on an assigned vaccinated travel lane flight.

Any need for the Covid-19 test?

Two-year-old kids and below don’t need to go through pre-departure. Likewise, they won’t need to undergo on-arrival COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

Your child’s PCR test should be negative before your flight leaves for Singapore. Please take note that your kid must take it two days before the departure. Also, the test result certificate must be in English.

After arriving at Changi Airport, your kid should test negative with another PCR test. You need to register and pay for the test online before departure.

Next is to take immediate private transport, taxi, or privately hired vehicle to the stated accommodation from the airport. They need to isolate there until the on-arrival test result comes out as negative. The confirmation will take about a day. If the result is negative, travelers can do their agendas in Singapore.

Where can you travel to?

Singapore allocated vaccinated travel lanes with Germany and Brunei. However, the allowances for children will begin on October 19.

On the same day, the said Asian country will open eight more vaccinated lanes to the UK, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, the US, and France. South Korea will soon join the bandwagon on November 15.

Vaccinated travel system allowances apply when returning to Singapore from vaccinated travel lane nations. Before travelling on these points, CAAS recommends travellers to initially check the requirements specified by those countries. It includes any age restrictions and vaccination status.

Why is this allowable?

According to CAAS director-general Han Kok Juan, they received “positive public feedback” regarding the vaccinated travel lanes. Other parents also asked to allow their children to travel under the program.

Unexpected downpour of flight searches due to vaccinated travel lanes

Vaccinated travel lanes in Singapore created a downpour of flight inquiries from residents. They want to take advantage of the slackening in international travel measures.

“Happy days are here again. Even though they are early days, I don’t think we’re going to go back towards regressive lockdown and people not being able to travel… I think it’s our moment to shine again,” said Amit Saberwal, RedDoorz founder and CEO.

Exploring for cities within the country’s vaccinated travel lanes became two-fold and in other cases, nearly tripled.