Top Indonesia wage rises forecast 

Indonesian growth has pushed up elite wages, recruitment firm Roberts Walters said in its 2017 survey, adding that talent will be in increasing demand this year in all areas apart from oil, gas and mining.

Meanwhile, a separate study said the number of Indonesians who live in poverty fell by 1.19 million by last September, to 26.58 million, from 27.77 million in March, according to Indonesia’s Statistics Agency. The organisation releases poverty data for every March and September.

The poverty rate fell by 0.52 per cent to 10.12 per cent over the period, the data claimed.

The survey of top earners said Asean’s digitalisation and steady market expansion would increase salaries.

Rob Bryson, Robert Walters’ Indonesia representative, told the media: “From our side, the average salary in Indonesia is approximately the second- or third-highest in the region for skilled workers. So Singapore is number one and then it will mix between Malaysia and here.”

Wages in sales and marketing were set to increase the most in Indonesia, the study said.

The annual salary of a marketing chief could reach between Rp1.5 billion (US$111,450) and Rp2.9 billion, a marketing director could earn Rp1.3-2.3 billion and a sales and marketing directors could bring in Rp1.3-1.8 billion a year, the study predicted.

In accounting and finance, a chief financial officer could earn Rp1.6-2.6 billion, a finance director up to Rp1.6 billion and an internal audit manager as much as Rp1.1 billion. Banking and financial services bosses could look to secure in excess of Rp1.2 billion this year, the Robert Walters report added.

Amid all the talk of high-earners, poverty remained highest, in relative terms, in the resource-rich provinces of Papua, West Papua and Maluku, all located in the far east of Indonesia, according to the Statistics Agency.

In-house legal advisers could hope to earn between Rp1.5 billion and Rp2.1 billion.

Management roles in the supply chain and logistics fields were due to see rises, with a procurement director’s annual salary predicted to reach between Rp1.25 billion and Rp1.65 billion.

Human resources specialists with over 12 years’ experience in banking and financial services could receive over Rp1.04 billion annually, while the same position in commerce and industry could be paid an estimated Rp975 million, the report said.


Jakarta’s top wages are rising. Picture credit: Wikimedia