Thais urged to postpone visit to Israel

The government of Thailand is urging Thai nationals to postpone their visits to Israel amid the quarantine requirement imposed by the latter.

In an advisory issued on Monday, the Thai embassy in Tel Aviv said that Israel’s health ministry imposed a 14-day house quarantine on visitors coming from Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau despite showing no symptoms of coronavirus.

The imposition will not be applied to those with connecting flights in any of the countries, but only to visitors whose last destination was one of the four.

Postponement of trips is effective until further notice.

The embassy noted that residents from the four countries were told to stay away from public areas such as workplaces, schools, hospitals, public transport, and shopping malls.

On February 2, the Israeli government already banned entry of foreign nationals who have stayed in China during the past 14 days.

The embassy was already in coordination with the Israeli government about the coronavirus situation in Thailand which as of press time has 35 confirmed cases and at stage two.

Earlier this week, the government also urged Thai nationals to refrain from pursuing trips to Japan and Singapore, citing the growing number of individuals who have contracted coronavirus.

The government, through the Ministry of Public Health, said virus outbreak in the two countries have reached the third stage, which means locals have contracted the virus even without meeting Chinese people.

As of this writing, Singapore has 75 confirmed cases, while Japan recorded 454 confirmed infections, including passengers aboard the Diamond Princess that docked in Yokohama.

In Thailand, Thai nationals who have visited Japan over the past two weeks will be required to undergo medical check-up and treatment free of charge.