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Indonesia ensures the Philippines will have a continuous coal supply to fuel its coal-fired power plants.

PH Counts on Indonesia for Steady Coal Supply

Philippines coal-fired power plants are an integral component of the country's energy mix, meeting much of their energy demands while neglecting efforts to diversify...
The Philippines will reclaim Scarborough Shoal and help local fishermen to regain their only means of living. (Ramon FVelasquez/WikimediaCommons)

Philippines Determined to Reclaim Scarborough Shoal

It's been 11 years since China claimed that Scarborough Shoal belongs to them and started occupying it. However, the Philippines is determined to push...
Philippine farmers will soon have a better, healthy, and safe vegetable production.

Australia, Philippines Collaborate to Boost and Improve Safe Vegetable Production

Vegetable production in the Philippines is a crucial sector of the country's economy. That's why it collaborates with Australia to help boost and improve...