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The Philippines and Thailand are experiencing a downturn in smartphone shipments due to macroeconomic pressure.

Philippines, Thailand Experience Decline in Smartphone Shipments

More than four years have passed since the pandemic struck, but most South East Asian countries are still struggling to revive its economy. Countries,...
Western car and battery makers are eyeing Indonesian nickel for manufacturing electric vehicle batteries.

Will Indonesian Nickel Suffice Western Auto and Battery Makers’ Demand?

For the past several decades, metal companies have created stainless steel out of nickel mined from the Philippines or Russia. These are usually molten...
Due to FTX investment failure, Singapore's Temasek slashed its pay for the staff responsible for the incident.

Temasek Slashes Staff Pay Over FTX Screw Up

Due to failed FTX investment, Temasek has to slash its pay for the staff responsible for the debacle. Singapore Temasek Holdings It's an investment firm based...