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Bataan lawmakers voted "No" to Philippine National Nuclear Energy Safety Act.

Bataan Legislators Voted Against Philippine National Nuclear Energy Safety Act

Not all are happy and approve the operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, prompting Bataan legislators, 2nd District Rep. Abet Garcia along with...
By 2024, consumers must expect a slight increase in palm oil prices.

Malaysian Rating Corporation Predicts Conclusive Palm Oil Market Price Shift in 2024

By 2024, the palm oil market will have a gradual shift of prices favourable to palm oil farmers and producers but a burden to...
Mali, the Sri Lankan elephant died at the age of 49 at the Philippines' Manila Zoo.

Mali, ‘Loneliest Elephant in the World’ Dies at 49 in Manila Zoo

Vishwa Ma’ali, otherwise known as Mali, is the 'loneliest elephant in the world,' according to an animal rights group. Mali, the Elephant is a Gift...