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The Philippines received a grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) for its offshore wind projects feasibility study.

Philippine Offshore Wind Projects Get Support from Foreign Companies, USTDA

The Philippines' struggling economy is having a hard time recovering from the pandemic and inflation, not to mention the tremendous gas price hike around...
Malaysian farmers will benefit from the government-backed Agro-Food Takaful Insurance Scheme to compensate them for damages and losses due to natural disasters.

Agro-Food Takaful Insurance Scheme Gives New Hope to Malaysian Farmers

Farmers produce food for people to eat and without them, the world will go hungry. In Malaysia, farmers can take advantage of the Agro-Food...
Vietnam's tuna export to the US and the EU dramatically increases, finding it a sustainable replacement for chicken meat.

Vietnam’s Tuna Export Could Increase Despite Worldwide Inflation

Despite the worldwide inflation, Vietnam's tuna export is likely to increase in prices and volume. Vietnam's yellowfin tuna fishery is the major wild-capture export commodity....