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Indonesia confirmed that it won't send a representative to the Miss Universe 2021 due to lack of preparation and Omicron variant concerns.

Miss Universe 2021: No Indonesian Contestant to Vie for the Crown

The Miss Universe 2021 pageant is fast approaching, and every contestant is excited about the big event. However, not everyone is enthusiastic because some...
The Philippines is temporarily suspending tourists entry from "red list" countries to prevent Omicron variant from spreading.

Omicron Variant Rushes Countries to Impose Travel Bans

Most ASEAN countries have already opened their borders while others are getting ready to open their tourist attractions to foreign visitors. However, with the emergence...
A huge crocodile in a Philippine amusement park attacked a tourist while trying to take a selfie with the voracious animal.

Selfie with Huge Crocodile Turns into Disaster

A Philippine tourist's birthday turned into a disaster when a huge crocodile attacked him while taking a selfie. Nehemias Chipada celebrates his birthday together with...