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Kazuo Okada took over casino company Okada Manil, ousting Tiger Resort Board.

Evicted Tiger Resort Board Charges Kazuo Okada, Antonio Cojuangco

Ousted Tiger Resort board files a case against Kazuo Okada and his partners for alleged kidnapping. It involves accusations of harassment and other mischiefs...
Climate change is a global issue that every country must take into consideration as it affects all things that live on Earth.

Climate Change Continuously Takes Its Toll on ASEAN countries

Malaysia wasn't expecting that the country would experience early a phenomenon they supposed to happen once in a hundred years. It's all because of...
Animal abuse has been evident in some circus and amusement facilities in Vietnam. based on Animals Asia's report.

Animals Asia Uncovers Animal Abuse in Vietnam’s Circuses and Amusement Parks

Animals Asia exposes animal abuse in Vietnam's circuses and entertainment parks. The government's drive to protect the animals isn't enough to cushion them from...