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Medical cannabis products are up for sale in a stall.

Medical Cannabis: Thailand Aims to Become Products Research and Development Hub

Thailand organized the International Medical Cannabis Research Center as it signed an MOU with RxLeaf World Medica. The country wants to become one of...
Israeli will help the Philippine Army in revolutionizing its military defenses by sharing systems and latest technology.

Philippine Army Gets Innovation from Israel

Israel strengthens its defense ties with the Philippine Army by innovating them with the latest military technologies. However, there is no more selling of...
Chinese coast guards blocked and water-cannoned Philippine boats bound to Ayungin Shoal to supply food to military personnel.

Chinese Coast Guard Obstructs, Allegedly Shoots Philippine Supply Boat with Water Canon

The issue of disputed territories around the Philippine Sea is far from over. Three Chinese Coast Guard vessels obstructed and allegedly water-cannoned two Philippine...