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Due to FTX investment failure, Singapore's Temasek slashed its pay for the staff responsible for the incident.

Temasek Slashes Staff Pay Over FTX Screw Up

Due to failed FTX investment, Temasek has to slash its pay for the staff responsible for the debacle. Singapore Temasek Holdings It's an investment firm based...
The Philippines is losing an estimated ₱556 million in economic losses due to power outages that last for 5 hours.

Power Outages Result in Millions of Economic Losses

The power outages that lasted up to 5 hours in the Philippines caused the country to suffer an economic loss of approximately ₱556 million....
Indonesia is developing a closer ties with the US Army and India to help protect its territorial lands and waters.

Indonesia’s Security Ties with India and the US Tighten

No country can know what lies ahead in this never-ending conflict of claiming territorial lands and waters. Seeking help and tightening security ties with...