Sugar Importation Imminent by October If Production Falls Short – BBM

The Philippines will proceed with sugar importation in October if there will be insufficient production.

It’s likely that the Philippines will look into sugar importation should sugar production in the country becomes inadequate. However, the volume is much less than the president previously rejected.

“I studied the available supply of sugar here in the Philippines, why there’s a need to import. I concluded that there’s enough supply of sugar. So I said why not prioritize this because that came from the Philippines and we have also imported before. So before we import more sugar, we should use our supply here first,” said Marcos Jr on his Sunday vlog.

Eating Own Words About Sugar Importation?

It’s worth noting that Marcos Jr previously rejected Sugar Regulatory Administration’s (SRA) Sugar Order No. 4. Apparently, it authorized sugar importation amounting to 300,000 metric tonnes. It was uploaded on the SRA website wherein Agriculture Undersecretary Leocadio Sebastian signed on behalf of BBM during that time.

However, Malacañang Palace debunked the accusation of having to do anything with the document, especially the president. Sebastian apologized and tendered his resignation while the probe over the case proceeds.

PH Might Only Import 150,000 Metric Tonnes of Sugar

According to BBM, the country might need to import sugar this coming October if production is inadequate. Instead of the original 300,000 metric tonnes, it will go down to 150,000 metric tonnes only.

“Perhaps, come October, our domestic supply will already run short and we may need to import, but it will only be a little. It will not be as many as the 300,000 metric tonnes that they are saying. Perhaps 150,000 metric tonnes will already be more than enough for the entire year. In my opinion, we cut down significantly on the importation of sugar,” said Marcos Jr’s vlog posted on his Facebook page.

He said he wanted to abolish the thought of sugar importation. Even so, he continued with the importation to avoid a price hike if low supply persists.

Apart from sugar, the Philippine president is likewise considering government-to-government fertilizer procurement. He aims to alleviate the soaring prices of urea in the country. Additionally, the government plans to distribute “e-vouchers” fertilizers that will help farmers with their farming expenses.

Marcos Jr claims that he wants farmers to have sustainable income to encourage the next generation to continue the industry. He dreams that no Filipino will suffer from hunger anymore.