Marcos-Xi Talk Discusses Possible Ways to Minimise Hostilities in South China Sea

The Marcos-Xi Talk would seek to lessen hostilities in South China Sea.
The Marcos-Xi Talk would seek to lessen hostilities in South China Sea. (Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs/ Presidential Executive Office of Russia/WikimediaCommons)

The Marcos-Xi Talk aims to minimise tensions in the South China Sea, where the BRP Sierra Madre lies, continues to escalate, leading to hostilities.

Marcos-Xi Talk Expects to Resolve South China Sea Hostility Concerns

For the past months, the Philippine Coast Guard and its supply boats have been enduring persistent harassment from the China Coast Guard and its militia ships. On Saturday, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and Chinese President Xi Jinping talked about ways to minimise friction in the South China Sea.

According to Marcos, continuous communication between the Philippines and China is important. He stated concern over South China Sea harassing incidents, including a collision. China Coast Guards kept on blocking Philippine vessels when on a supply mission to the grounded battleship. They even fired water cannon to stop the supply boats from reaching its destination.

Marcos said he made no promise to remove the BRP Sierra Madre from its position. Moreover, he stressed the dilemma of Filipino fishermen.

“We tried to come up with mechanisms to lower the tensions in the South China Sea. I do not think anybody wants to go to war,” Marcos said.

Filipino fishermen said Chinese coast guard and maritime militia ships intercept them from fishing in parts of the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone. Additionally, Marcos mentioned he and Xi agreed that geopolitical issues must not be the deciding factor of both countries’ relationship.

“I asked that we go back to the situation where both Chinese and Filipino fishermen were fishing together in these waters,” said the Philippine president.

China has been claiming nearly the entirety of the South China Sea. It continues to whitewash the 2016 Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling, voiding China’s expansive claim.

The Chinese president said the primary objective of China’s development is to better the welfare of its people and not to replace anyone. On Wednesday, he seeks friendship with the US and that his country won’t fight a war with anyone. He added his intention for peaceful ties between his nation and the US.

Right Trip at the Right Time

President Xi’s trip to the US is a crucial moment for China’s economy which retarded following decades of rapid growth. At the same time, unsettling ties with the West are discouraging foreign capital. Additionally, trade tensions with the US contribute.

He likewise sought development restoration to the core of the international agenda. Moreover, he asked his counterparts to protect free, open trade and investment, and keep the constancy of worldwide industrial and supply chains.

Xi will leave California following an expansive positive trip with an agreement with US President Joe Biden during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San Francisco on better management of possible outbursts. It could lessen the risk of a military catastrophe at a time when China is facing difficulties with a major property-market dip and a reorganisation in senior leadership positions.