Indonesian Hospital in Gaza Doesn’t Conceal Hamas Tunnels – Foreign Ministry

Indonesian Hospital in Gaza denies Israel's claim that it was systematically built under Hamas network of tunnels.
Indonesian Hospital in Gaza denies Israel's claim that it was systematically built under Hamas network of tunnels. (Wafa (Q2915969)/WikinediaCommons)

Indonesia refutes Hamas’ claim the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza was constructed on top of the terrorist organisation’s tunnel.

Hamas Uses Medical Facilities for Terrorism

The medical facility established in northern Gaza adjacent to the fortified border in Israel was constructed with Indonesian charity funds.

“The Indonesian Hospital in Gaza is a facility built by the Indonesian people entirely for humanitarian purposes and to serve the medical needs of the Palestinian people in Gaza,” says Indonesia’s foreign ministry.

According to IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, new intelligence provides proof that the terrorist organisation uses hospitals in Gaza to terrorise people, including the Indonesian Hospital. He said the terrorist group strategically constructed the Indonesian Hospital to conceal its underground armature.

Since 1987, Hamas, a Palestinian militant and political organization has been operating primarily in Gaza Strip during the First Intifada. They defied the Israeli rule in occupied territories. Several countries and international organizations including the US, European Union, Canada, and Israel considered it a terrorist organization. Its charter advocates for creating an Islamic state within historic Palestine with no concession or peaceful coexistence agreement with Israel.

Consequently, it has engaged in numerous conflicts with them and has been responsible for various rocket attacks. It includes suicide bombings or acts of violence targeting civilians or military personnel.

The organisation is believed to have 25,000 members in its military wings since its unsuspected attack in the Gaza Strip on October 7. They move from underground tunnels, stretching up to 500 kilometres.

Indonesian Hospital Built On Top of the Terrorist’s Network of Tunnels

Israeli military spokesman Hagari insists that Hamas was likewise utilising an area in the vicinity as its base for launching rockets to Israel.

“I will show you the reason why they built the hospital there. Unsurprisingly, Hamas built the hospital on top of their terror infrastructures,” Hagari said in a video statement posted by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on YouTube.

He added the IDF located a launch pad used for releasing rockets, pointing at photographic proof of his assertion.

However, like the Indonesian foreign ministry, the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) denied the allegations that Hamas uses the facility for its terrorism. MER-C is the Indonesian charity that operates the hospital.

MER-C Chief Sarbini Abdul Murad said that what Israel implicated of them (an Indonesian charity) could be a pre-requisite to launch an attack at the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza. He added the IDF’s allegation is a key factor in accomplishing an attack against them, and that’s why they debunked it.

Currently, the Indonesian Hospital attends and cares for patients beyond its capacity. The assault has killed over 10,000 people of which 4,000 are children.