Former PH President Duterte Denies Allegations of Plotting Coup Against Current Marcos Administration

Former PH President Rodrigo Duterte denies accusations of plotting coup against current government.
Former PH President Rodrigo Duterte denies accusations of plotting coup against current government. (Addustour, Jordan Press & Publication Co./WikimediaCommons

Rumours have it that former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte mustered retired generals to plot a coup against the current Marcos administration.

False Accusation of Plotting Coup

Duterte admitted he met a few retired generals but never talked about plotting a coup against the current administration. He denied allegations of deposing Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr and his government. He said he might have been misquoted.

Last week, Military Chief Romeo Brawner said he heard about ‘destabilisation endeavours’ with some former officers. They suggest ‘the current leader must be replaced for several reasons’ thus ‘another coup d’etat should take place.’

According to Brawner, he kept in touch with some of the retired servicemen. He told them they have the right to do so since they live in a democratic country. However, they must not involve the active troops of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

He added the purported mobilisation to disempower Marcos’ administration unfolded in September. Additionally, there are prognostics of Rodrigo Duterte’s role.

“I really do not know how I was dragged into this. What I said during our meeting, among others, was as long as there is no serious issue of corruption [there would be no coup]. I do not see any [political tumult] in the horizon, however short or long. I don’t think that there are current issues big enough to create another turmoil,” said Duterte.

He added that pervading corruption in government could result in political furore and he doesn’t see that happening. The Marcos administration has it under control and the president is honest. Moreover, he asked his fellow countrymen to give the current administration enough time to fulfil his election promises and remain supporting him.

National Security Adviser Eduardo Año, confirmed the military’s loyalty to the president. He assured there wasn’t a destabilisation plot and mobilisation against the government.

Loyal Supporter

Senator Imee Marcos, sister of the current president of the country, expressed her support for Duterte. She said she would stand by him even if she was the only one left. She emphasised to reporters her close bond with Vice President Sara Duterte, daughter of Rodrigo Duterte.