Envoy pleads sanctions, no-fly zone into Myanmar

Myanmar’s envoy to the United Nations has called for sanctions and a no-fly zone into the country amid ongoing chaos between protesters and the military that has since claimed almost a thousand lives.

Some 83 more individuals were killed on Saturday as activists determined to bring back democracy into the country braved the deadly chaos, according to a report by Al Jazeera.

European nations joined forces with the United States for a meeting on Friday during a Southeast Asian summit but the military leadership remained defiant and refused entry to a UN special envoy.

Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun, who rejected the February 1 coup and brushed aside the military’s claims that he no longer represents Myanmar, told the UN Security Council that there has been a “lack of adequate and strong action” despite the increasing number of deaths that include children

“Your collective, strong action is needed immediately,” he said, adding that the bloc “will not let these atrocities keep going on in Myanmar.”

The diplomat has said that there should be a no-fly zone to avoid further bloodshed caused by the military strikes.

Also, he said all foreign direct investments should be suspended until the restoration of democracy into the country.

According to a report by Radio Free Asia, civilians were reportedly shot at using live ammunition, while some were taken by police without arrest warrants.

The military, which took control of Myanmar in February, has made use of weaponry such as rocket-propelled and fragmentation grenades, heavy machine guns, and snipers.

It insisted that it was only responding to violent protesters.

Meanwhile, 19 others have been sentenced to death for allegedly killing an associate of an army captain, according to military-owned Myawaddy TV station, the first of such sentences announced in public since the coup.

Photo by Fajrul Falah from Pixabay