COMELEC Voids Petition to Negate Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s Presidential Candidacy

Comelec voids petition to repeal Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s Certificate of Candidacy to run for Philippine president.
Comelec voids petition to repeal Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s Certificate of Candidacy to run for Philippine president.

The race for the new Philippine president and its administration is fast approaching. The opposition will always be present and will do everything to oust other candidates. Anti-Marcoses filed a petition, asking the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to disqualify Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s Certificate of Candidacy. Today, Comelec dumps the petition to invalidate the younger Marcos’ desire to run for the Philippine president.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s Failure to File Income Tax Returns

Comelec’s Second Division voided a petition to revoke Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s presidential candidacy. The government agency also pointed out that the former senator’s failure to file his income tax returns is not a moral disgrace.

“The Second Division ruled that the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) of 1994 did not apply to the case, because that would have resulted in a retroactive application since an NIRC of 1994 took effect only in 1986, whereas the cases involved in this case, were ’82, ’83, and ’84,” said Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez.

Appeal to Reconsider

Counsel for petitioners, Atty. Theodore Te claimed they would appeal for reconsideration. He said that counsels could not discuss the justification included in the Motion for Reconsideration unless the petitioners file the same. Specifically, Te ensured that he would provide further updates.

The petitioners argued that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. isn’t suitable to hold any public office. Besides, in 1995, the Quezon City Regional Trial Court convicted him for not filing his income tax returns.

According to Atty. Vic Rodriguez, Marcos Jr.’s spokesperson, his client is free to run for any public office. Rodriguez is grateful to Comelec for “sustaining the law.”

This is one of the three pending petitions that want to cancel Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s COC. Two other disqualification complaints remain. It includes Christian Monsod’s pending petition in the 2nd Division. The other one is consolidated Akbayan/Ilagan/Mangelen, in the 1st Division.

Jimenez said that if the division verdicts haven’t obtained resolution yet in the Comelec en banc. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s name will stay on the ballot when they print the ballots. In case he becomes disqualified, his name thus becomes a stray.

However, his sister, Senator Imee Marcos, or his wife, Lisa Araneta Marcos, can take his place instead. Comelec will allow substitution up to mid-day of the election. The replacement doesn’t have to be from the same party because no rules say so. If Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s COC becomes canceled, he cannot run for president anymore. Moreover, the substitution will no longer manifest.


Image Source: Neil ArwinMercado/WikimediaCommons