S’pore records surprise export growth

Singapore's docks had not been expecting an increase in traffic. Source: Wikimedia  Singapore's exports jumped unexpectedly last month as sales to major markets such as...
Philippines starts rolling out its mobile number portability, enabling users to switch networks while retaining their phone numbers at the same time.

Mobile Number Portability Rolls Out in the Philippines

Some people can't get what they need or want in phone service. It's why they switch to other networks but can't use the same...

Sulawesi relief hampered by fake news

Indonesia is struggling with fake reports of further quakes and the imminent collapse of dams are causing unnecessary extra disruption on Sulawesi after last...

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Philippine Air Force pilots are in Brunei to master the flying of the Blackhawk helicopter.

Philippine Air Force Pilots Undertake Blackhawk Helicopter Training in Brunei

Better be ready than sorry. The Philippine Air Force pilots are currently on rigorous flight training in Brunei. The exercise will enhance their skills...
More people are becoming victims to Cambodia human trafficking as they become enticed in promised jobs with high salaries.

Cambodia Human Trafficking: Job Recruitment Serves as Front to Lure Victims

Several people worldwide lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Due to this, there are also a lot of unscrupulous people who take advantage...
Three bottlenose dolphins were released back into their natural habitat after rescuing and nurturing them from a resort hotel that bought them for entertainment purposes.

Indonesian Sanctuary Releases Saved Bottlenose Dolphins from Captivity

An Indonesian sanctuary released three bottlenose dolphins after rescuing them in 2019 from captivity in a resort hotel. Johnny, Rocky and Rambo swim into...