Vietnam is the largest ASEAN trading partner of Cambodia for importing and exporting of different products.

Vietnam: Cambodia’s Largest ASEAN Trading Partner

This year, Cambodia names Vietnam as its largest trading partner among the members of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Both countries made a bilateral...
Beijing expects Rodrigo Duterte's significant role in the cooperation between China and the Philippines.

Beijing Contemplates on Rodrigo Duterte’s Engagement Between China and Philippines’ Affiliation

The tension in the West Philippine Sea continues to rise every single day. Chinese President Xi Jinping is hopeful that former Philippine President Rodrigo...
The lack of teachers in Laos could lead to the illiteracy of more children especially in remote and rural areas.

Schools in Laos Close or Integrate Due to Lack of Teachers

For many parents, education is the greatest wealth they can provide their children. However, in Laos, a majority of students won't be able to...

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Tons of Vietnamese durian and chillies went to waste due to excessive pesticide levels.

Japan Smashes Tons of Vietnamese Durian, Chillies

Due to excessive chemical residues, Japan destroyed tons of Vietnamese durian and chillies that surpassed Japanese standards. Excessive Chemical Residues in Vietnamese Durian and Chillies Japan...
ISIS claimed they are accountable for the terrorist attack in the Mindanao State University bombing incident.

Terrorist Attack: ISIS Claims Accountability in Mindanao State University Bombing

The ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) took responsibility for the recent terrorist attack during a Catholic mass in the gymnasium of Mindanao...
Bataan lawmakers voted "No" to Philippine National Nuclear Energy Safety Act.

Bataan Legislators Voted Against Philippine National Nuclear Energy Safety Act

Not all are happy and approve the operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, prompting Bataan legislators, 2nd District Rep. Abet Garcia along with...