Vietnam has a successful lychee production this year earning the country $290 million in export sales.

Lychee Production in Vietnam Ends Well, Grosses $290 Million

Vietnam's lychee production ended well, including support services to make $290 million. More Countries Get a Taste from Vietnam's Lychee Production Bac Giang, a province in...
More people are becoming victims to Cambodia human trafficking as they become enticed in promised jobs with high salaries.

Cambodia Human Trafficking: Job Recruitment Serves as Front to Lure Victims

Several people worldwide lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Due to this, there are also a lot of unscrupulous people who take advantage...
E-cigarette poisoning is prevalent among students in Vietnam.

E-cigarette Poisoning Increases Among Students in Vietnam

Vietnam reached an alarming e-cigarette usage rate, including heated cigarette products among its students, which often leads to e-cigarette poisoning. What are E-cigarettes? E-cigarettes usually come...
Vietnam farmers shift to durian farming over coffee production due to the latter's cost and farming expenses.

Vietnamese Farmers Shift to Durian Farming Over Coffee Production

Vietnamese farmers prefer durian farming over planting coffee due to the property boom and high costs, including fertilizers and the climate itself. Durian Farming Over...
From 2021 to 2022, Vietnam has uncovered 158 plant and animal species, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

158 New Plant and Animal Species Discovered in Vietnam

From 2021 to 2022, 158 new plant and animal species were discovered in Vietnam. This is according to World Wide Fund for Nature's (WWF)...
Vietnam is the largest ASEAN trading partner of Cambodia for importing and exporting of different products.

Vietnam: Cambodia’s Largest ASEAN Trading Partner

This year, Cambodia names Vietnam as its largest trading partner among the members of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Both countries made a bilateral...

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Tons of Vietnamese durian and chillies went to waste due to excessive pesticide levels.

Japan Smashes Tons of Vietnamese Durian, Chillies

Due to excessive chemical residues, Japan destroyed tons of Vietnamese durian and chillies that surpassed Japanese standards. Excessive Chemical Residues in Vietnamese Durian and Chillies Japan...
ISIS claimed they are accountable for the terrorist attack in the Mindanao State University bombing incident.

Terrorist Attack: ISIS Claims Accountability in Mindanao State University Bombing

The ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) took responsibility for the recent terrorist attack during a Catholic mass in the gymnasium of Mindanao...
Bataan lawmakers voted "No" to Philippine National Nuclear Energy Safety Act.

Bataan Legislators Voted Against Philippine National Nuclear Energy Safety Act

Not all are happy and approve the operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, prompting Bataan legislators, 2nd District Rep. Abet Garcia along with...