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Born and raised trilingual in Malaysia, Sharon picked up her fourth language - Spanish - from spending her summers gallivanting around Mexico and South America. She has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and currently works at a hypergrowth startup in KL.

Orangutans not spared current haze onslaught

Toxic haze blanketing Southeast Asia has had two casualties so far with a four-month-old toddler and 60-year-old plantation worker succumbing to respiratory complications. But humans are not the only ones affected by the ongoing peat and forest fires ravaging plantations across Indonesia. In a statement released...

Key ASEAN cities feeling the heat of climate change

Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Jakarta face the risk of suffering ‘unprecedented climate change’ by the year 2050. In a study conducted among 520 cities, Swiss research group Crowther Lab, affiliated with Zurich-based ETH, posit that these mega-cities in Southeast Asia could experience ‘more intense...

The meteoric rise of Vietnam’s export-led manufacturing sector

30 kilometres east of Hanoi, Bắc Ninh is Vietnam’s smallest province, yet boasts the highest population density among any other province. Starting this summer, it is also home to a repurposed Nokia factory that Google is taking over to manufacture its Pixel phones. In the...

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Philippine Air Force pilots are in Brunei to master the flying of the Blackhawk helicopter.

Philippine Air Force Pilots Undertake Blackhawk Helicopter Training in Brunei

Better be ready than sorry. The Philippine Air Force pilots are currently on rigorous flight training in Brunei. The exercise will enhance their skills...
More people are becoming victims to Cambodia human trafficking as they become enticed in promised jobs with high salaries.

Cambodia Human Trafficking: Job Recruitment Serves as Front to Lure Victims

Several people worldwide lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Due to this, there are also a lot of unscrupulous people who take advantage...
Three bottlenose dolphins were released back into their natural habitat after rescuing and nurturing them from a resort hotel that bought them for entertainment purposes.

Indonesian Sanctuary Releases Saved Bottlenose Dolphins from Captivity

An Indonesian sanctuary released three bottlenose dolphins after rescuing them in 2019 from captivity in a resort hotel. Johnny, Rocky and Rambo swim into...