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Maureen B. Santos makes it a point to step up in everything she does. She’s a dynamic and resourceful person with a strong will to learn more to make her skills better. She doesn’t believe in failure as long as you show perseverance to win. She worked in a BPO company as a Sales and Customer Service Representative. Her seven years of handling customers' concerns made her integrate those experiences when writing articles. She knew what they need and what they want, and what they don’t. In that way, she can create meaningful content that drives traffic. She’s full of imagination and skills, enabling her to write different articles in various niches. Her work involves SEO, copywriting, blogging, ghostwriting, e-book writing, creative writing, content writing, editing, publishing, and much more. She even handled international writers for an online news publishing company.

FDA Imposes Temporary Ban on Singapore Processed Pork Meat Products Imports

Philippines' FDA impose a temporary ban on Singapore processed meat product imports.
To prevent an outbreak of African swine fever in the country, the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) imposes a temporary ban on the importation of processed pork meat products from Singapore. This also includes the sale and distribution of possible-contaminated products across the...

Halal Certification: Thailand’s Food Industry Focuses on Endorsement

Thailand's food industry is making haste to acquire halal certification for its canned goods for export.
Thailand's food business is emphasising halal certification for its export of canned seafood, practical foods, and other items. Halal Certification for Thailand Thailand is a Buddhist country and the government, including its biggest food manufacturers, sees an opportunity in the market. The assessed value of halal...

African Swine Fever Outbreak Detected in Indonesia

African swine fever outbreak was detected in Indonesia.
African swine fever (ASF) is on the loose again and wreaking havoc in Indonesia as the World Organisation for Animal Health confirms an outbreak. Indonesia Asserts African Swine Fever Outbreak An outbreak of this devastating pig disease has been detected on a farm in the Riau...

Philippine Navy Christens Two More New Gunboats from Israel

The Philippine Navy acquires two more Israeli-made gunboats to add to its military defence system.
For a country, sovereignty and the protection of its people are the most important things that it should prioritize against threats from other countries. That's why the Philippine Navy needs to acquire gunboats and other armaments to defend its country from possible attacks. Philippine Navy...

Cambodia Gets Help from Australia to Boost Its Agricultural Products

Cambodia gets from Australia to make the most of its agricultural products.
Australia will help Cambodia maximize the income it generates from its agricultural products by setting up its first Agri-food Industrial Park (AIP). This will process local farm produce, including mangoes, bananas, cashews, rice, and vegetables. Processing Agricultural Products Into More Valuable Staples Cambodia is a huge...

Is Bataan Nuclear Power Plant the Answer to Less Power Outage and Cheap Electricity?

Many people are looking to the operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant to lessen power outages in and cheaper electricity in the country.
The extreme temperatures brought by El Niño cause every household's electricity bills to skyrocket. It seems that the Philippine government's solution is to operate the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant to alleviate power outages and high energy consumption. Reviving Bataan Nuclear Power Plant The facility is the...

Yaba Pills, Shabu Most Prevalent Smuggled Drugs to Malaysia

Yaba pills, including shabu are rampant in Malaysia, sneaked from Thailand and its borders.
Methamphetamine or "yaba pills" and shabu are the most prevalent types of drugs brought illegally to Malaysia. Smuggling takes place through criminal bases along the Thailand-Malaysian border via the Golok River. What Are Yaba Pills? Yaba pills are a combination of methamphetamine and caffeine. The drug...

Vietnamese Farmers Shift to Durian Farming Over Coffee Production

Vietnam farmers shift to durian farming over coffee production due to the latter's cost and farming expenses.
Vietnamese farmers prefer durian farming over planting coffee due to the property boom and high costs, including fertilizers and the climate itself. Durian Farming Over Coffee Production It's possible that Vietnam's robusta coffee production will decline this year because farmers plan on growing durians. During the...

World War III: Is It Happening Already?

World War III is looming and Singapore Defence Chief is appealing to involved nations to become more diplomatic.
As Ukraine continues to stand its ground against the Russian forces, Taiwan is preparing to defend its land and people from China's invasion. The rising global conflict could lead to feared World War III. War in Asia, More Disastrous Than Ukraine War According to Singapore Minister...

Butanding Festival Resumes in Sorsogon, Philippines

Butanding Festival will definitely draw thousands of local and foreign tourists as more whale sharks visit the town of Donsol, Sorsogon in the Philippines.
Not all sharks are dangerous and eat humans such as great whites and tiger sharks. Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) are docile and the largest fish species, which are filter-feeders. Donsol, Sorsogon celebrates Butanding Festival 2023 because of these gentle giants' reappearance in Philippine waters. Butanding...

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Bataan lawmakers voted "No" to Philippine National Nuclear Energy Safety Act.

Bataan Legislators Voted Against Philippine National Nuclear Energy Safety Act

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