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ASEAN Members: Alleged Source of Myanmar Junta Weapons and Funds

Myanmar junta is getting arms and financial support from other ASEAN members.
Justice for Myanmar (JFM) reports that Myanmar gets weapons and funding from six ASEAN countries even with the worsening affinity with the Myanmar junta. These include Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. They are also involved in the telecoms, oil, and gas...

Indonesia’s Tuna Catch Under Tight Regulation for Sustainability

Indonesia’s tuna catch is the biggest worlwide at about one million tons a year, equivalent to 16% of the total global tuna supply.
Indonesia's tuna catch is under tight regulation for sustainability to keep the wild stock from declining. Strategy to Help Indonesia's Tuna Catch from Dropping Compared to other countries, Indonesia's tuna catch is by far the largest every year. The government has implemented a short-term harvest approach...

Malaysian Palm Oil Slumps in Production

The abundant fruits of the palm trees are enriched with oil which can be used for cooking and cosmetics.
Malaysia is the world's second-largest producer of palm oil. However, its production and export dived to an 11-month low. Both production and export in Malaysia's palm oil decreased to an 11-month low. But, according to the planters' estimate, Southeast Asian inventories will improve by 0.34%...

Sugar Smuggling to Vietnam from Cambodia and Laos, Rampant and Rising

Sugar smuggling is rampant in Vietnam due to the removal of tariffs and regulations, which benefited sugar smugglers.
Sugar smuggling in Vietnam is getting rampant and continues to rise. Sugar is illegally imported from Cambodia and Laos. Vietnam Engages in Sugar Smuggling From 2015 to 2019, 757,000 metric tons of sugar illegally enter Vietnam. It's almost 2.8 times the quantity from 2008 to 2014...

Is Chicken Market in Malaysia Manipulated?

It appears that bureaucracy, corruption, and regulations adversely affect the chicken market in Malaysia and its consumers.
Currently, Malaysia is experiencing a chicken supply shortage because local production struggles to fulfill the demand. The country's stereotyped and bureaucratic regulatory system to the economy hurts the operations of the chicken market. The Chinese New Year and the festivities established the highest price for...

Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialists to Help Cambodia Curb Covid-19

China extends its help to Cambodia by sending a team of its traditional Chinese medicine experts to provide training and do medical tasks.
Fighting Covid-19 alone is difficult, and that's why countries worldwide are struggling to get medications for their citizens. Two Asian countries, Cambodia and China, agreed on sending traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) specialists to help Cambodia curb the Coronavirus. National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NATCM)...

Tarantula Species that Lives on Bamboo, Discovered in Thailand

The discovery of a new tarantula species, called Taksinus Bambus is one of the many reasons why Thai forests needs conservation.
Many animals have become extinct, while others are on the endangered's list. In Thailand, a Thai YouTuber discovers a new tarantula species that live on bamboo. Discovery of a New Tarantula Species in Thailand Thai YouTuber JoCho Sippawat discovered a new tarantula species while having a...

COMELEC Voids Petition to Negate Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s Presidential Candidacy

Comelec voids petition to repeal Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s Certificate of Candidacy to run for Philippine president.
The race for the new Philippine president and its administration is fast approaching. The opposition will always be present and will do everything to oust other candidates. Anti-Marcoses filed a petition, asking the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to disqualify Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s Certificate of...

Thailand’s Soaring Inflation Rate Getting Worse

Thailand is one of the ASEAN countries that is now enduring the soaring inflation rate of basic commodities, including pork, fuel, and more.
Prices of basic commodities in Thailand started increasing at the onset of 2022. The soaring inflation rate adversely impacts the prices of fuel, noodles. Most people can no longer afford to buy what they need because of a meager budget, not to mention the...

Indonesia’s Ban on Coal Export Temporarily Lifted

Indonesia temporarily lifted its ban on coal export and gave the "go" signal to 14 vessels to deliver its coal to other Asian countries.
Indonesia has banned its coal export since January 1 due to a shortage of domestic use.  However, after ten days, the government lifted the ban temporarily. It will allow them to continue supplying other Asian countries that depend on the fuel for energy. As the...

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