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Bat Virus, Cause of Covid-19 Evolution, Study Shows

Bat virus has to do something with the evolution of the Covid-19 virus, according to Laotian study.
The Covid-19 virus quickly transforms into different variants and continues to spread around the world. In just a matter of months, more and more people are contracting the disease, young and old. A study discovered that the evolution is due to the bat virus...

Scientists Turn Durian Husks Into Antibacterial Bandage

Who would think that a smelly and non-appetizing fruit to most people can become a lifesaver? Singapore scientists invented an odor-free and eco-friendly antibacterial bandage from durian husks to help wounds heal faster. The rind contains many organic chemical compounds such as saponins, tannins,...

Philippines’ Jollibee to Open More Fast-Food Chains in Europe, Inaugurates First Store this Week

Spain will see more of a happy bee standing in front of a fast-food chain. It means more smiles on everyone’s faces, especially kids who love fried chicken and burgers. JOLLIBEE Foods Corp. (JFC) is about to expand in Spain by adding more stores. It...

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