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Xbox Game Pass Coming Soon in Southeast Asia

Xbox Game Pass will soon become available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass will soon become available for Southeast Asian Gamers. Xbox Game Pass: Netflix for Games In the realm of gaming, the Xbox Game Pass serves as the Netflix for games. The success of this subscription service branched out to mobile, PC, and cloud...

US to Probe Imported Asian-Made Solar Panels, Considers Imposing Tariffs

The US will conduct an investigation concerning Asian-made solar panels which could lead to imposed tariffs.
The US will investigate imported Asian-made solar panels, particularly from Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, leading to tariffs. US to Investigate Asian-made Solar Panels According to US trade officials, they will investigate Asian-made solar panels. These are panels imported from Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Auxin...

New Global Headquarters Flock Singapore

Singapore is attracting more businesses and set up their new global headquarters in the country.
Singapore is beginning to see economic growth from different companies establishing new headquarters in the country. Dyson Opens its New Global Headquarters Recently, Dyson officially set up its new global headquarters at the St. James Power Station. Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is present during...

Philippines Advocates Treaty to Preserve Marine Biodiversity

The Philippines is advocating the treaty to help preserve marine biodiversity which will benefit other countries.
The advocated international agreement will provide environmental impact perspectives to preserve marine biodiversity.  It will likewise authorize the partaking of marine genetic resources between countries. Additionally, it will allow the transfer of marine technology to developing countries. Support to Preserve Marine Biodiversity The Philippines supports requests...

Malaysia Strengthen Ties with Other Countries For Economy and Security

Malaysia is strengthening its economic and security ties with Qatar, the Philippines and Indonesia during the Malaysia's PM to Qatar.
Many countries are now easing COVID-19 restrictions for several reasons. Malaysia is taking advantage of the situation and has begun strengthening its ties with other countries for economic and security purposes. Bolstering Bilateral Ties with Qatar Qatar Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob will make...

Coinbase Requires Additional Information For Transferring Cryptocurrencies

Canadian, Japanese, and Singaporean Coinbase users must provide additional information, such as name and address when transferring crypto.
https://www.aseaneconomist.com/singapore-based-high-net-worth-investors-considers-relocation/Cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase requires additional information from users in countries such as Canada, Japan, Singapore. Coinbase Reveals Changes in Sending Cryptocurrency Some changes will occur for Japanese and Singaporean Coinbase users starting April 1st. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) established the regulations for all...

Hyperscalers and Data Centre Soon to Operate in the Philippines

The Philippines could be the next hub for hyperscalers and data centre in the Asia Pacific region with the largest soon to rise in Rizal.
With the advent of technology, more companies are now engaged in hyperscalers and data centre operations. The Philippines is expecting 11 companies to venture into the country with an estimated valuation of ₱147 billion. Next Hyperscalers and Data Centre Operation Hub in Asia-Pacific The Philippines will...

Higher Production Costs in Thailand Threaten Local Consumers to Carry the Burden

Thailand's higher production costs are threatening consumers to carry the burden and be forced to buy goods at higher prices.
There's no questioning that the Russian-Ukraine conflict generated higher production costs among businesses. These expenses will soon threaten local consumers to carry the burden. Higher Production Costs CauseThailand's Soaring Inflation Rate Last month, Thailand's inflation rate swelled to 5.28%. This is stronger than anticipated and the...

Oil Deregulation Law: PH House Committee Approves Bill Amendment

Amid continuous fuel price hikes, the Philippine House committee approved the bill known as the Oil Deregulation Law.
Amid continuous fuel price hikes, the Philippine House committee approved the bill known as the Oil Deregulation Law. Purpose of the Oil Deregulation Law Also known as the Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act, the committee empowered the measure. However, it's “subject to form and style.” The...

Ukraine Crisis Could Disrupt ASEAN Countries’ Domestic Price Stability

Ukraine crisis can greatly affect domestic price stability of products around the world, including fuel prices and edible oils.
The Ukraine crisis worsens every minute and could disrupt domestic price stability in the ASEAN countries such as Indonesia. Ukraine Crisis Can Affect Domestic Price Stability in ASEAN Countries Indonesian President Joko Widodo notified his citizens of the disruption in domestic price stability due to the...

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