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Maureen B. Santos makes it a point to step up in everything she does. She’s a dynamic and resourceful person with a strong will to learn more to make her skills better. She doesn’t believe in failure as long as you show perseverance to win. She worked in a BPO company as a Sales and Customer Service Representative. Her seven years of handling customers' concerns made her integrate those experiences when writing articles. She knew what they need and what they want, and what they don’t. In that way, she can create meaningful content that drives traffic. She’s full of imagination and skills, enabling her to write different articles in various niches. Her work involves SEO, copywriting, blogging, ghostwriting, e-book writing, creative writing, content writing, editing, publishing, and much more. She even handled international writers for an online news publishing company.

Scale Drop Disease Virus Attacks Sea Bass Farming in Singapore

A deadly fish virus put a halt on sea bass farming in Singapore, amidst the boosting of local seafood production.
Sea bass farming in Singapore faces a tough ordeal following an outbreak due to a destructive fish virus called scale drop disease virus (SDDV). Due to the fish virus known as scale drop disease virus (SDDV), Barramundi Group has to cease its sea bass farming...

Vietnam Seeks New Customers to Boost Tourism Industry

Vietnam is striving to boost its tourism industry by seeking more sources of tourists.
Golden Bridge in Vietnam attracts millions of international tourists. (xiquinhosilva/WikimediaCommons) The tourism industry is one of the key aspects of a country's thriving economy. Vietnam is keen to boost it and make continuous efforts, searching for new customers. Indian Visitors Flock Vietnam Vietnam is one of the...

Singapore High Court Proclaims Cryptocurrency as Property in a ByBit Case

Singaporean Judge Philip Jeyaretnam proclaimed that cryptocurrency is a property and ordered Ho Kai Xin to return the asset to Bybit.
On July 25, a Singaporean High Court ruled out that cryptocurrency is a property able to hold be held in trust. It ordered Ho Kai Xin to transfer the assets back to the ByBit crypto exchange. Cryptocurrency as a Legal Form of Payment Cryptocurrencies are digital...

Thailand Has a New Vampire Crab Species

A species of vampire crab basking on a leaf.
Researchers found a new vampire crab species in Thailand. It thrives in swamp forests mainly seen clutching on palm fruits and dashing across tree roots. They identified the new crustacean species as Geosesarma todaeng. New Addition to the Vampire Crab Species In 2016, researchers discovered a...

Schools in Laos Close or Integrate Due to Lack of Teachers

The lack of teachers in Laos could lead to the illiteracy of more children especially in remote and rural areas.
For many parents, education is the greatest wealth they can provide their children. However, in Laos, a majority of students won't be able to finish their studies. It could be due to financial issues or a lack of teachers. The scarcity of teachers in Laos...

Beijing Contemplates on Rodrigo Duterte’s Engagement Between China and Philippines’ Affiliation

Beijing expects Rodrigo Duterte's significant role in the cooperation between China and the Philippines.
The tension in the West Philippine Sea continues to rise every single day. Chinese President Xi Jinping is hopeful that former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will continue to uphold the affiliation between China and the Philippines. Beijing Banks on Rodrigo Duterte's Role in the Bilateral...

Vietnam: Cambodia’s Largest ASEAN Trading Partner

Vietnam is the largest ASEAN trading partner of Cambodia for importing and exporting of different products.
This year, Cambodia names Vietnam as its largest trading partner among the members of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Both countries made a bilateral trade at nearly 50% in the first five months. The trade reached $2.8 billion, which rose almost 3% from a...

Sugar Importation: PH Expects 150,000 MT of Sugar by September

SRA approved SO7, for additional sugar importation to ensure the country's adequate supply and stabilised prices.
This coming September, the Philippines will expect 150,000 metric tonnes of sugar. The sugar importation will cover the short supply and help establish stabilised prices. The Necessity for More Sugar Importation On July 6, President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr gave the go signal for more sugar...

Sandiganbayan Suspends Another Ill-Gotten Wealth Case Against Marcoses and Others

Sandiganbayan recently dismisses another ill-gotten wealth case against the Marcoses and their alleged associates due to lack of sufficient evidence.
After over three decades, the ill-gotten wealth case filed against Marcos Senior, his wife Imelda, and their alleged associates has reached a conclusion. The Sandiganbayan’s Second Division suspended the case for lack of evidence. Ill-Gotten Wealth Case Discarded Due to Insufficient Evidence Filed in 1987, the...

World Bank Approves Philippines’ $110M Loan for Education Enhancement

World Bank approved the Philippines' $110 million dollar loan to fund its Teacher Effectiveness and Competencies Enhancement Project to enhance the country's education system.
World Bank (WD) approves a Philippine loan of $110 million to help enhance the education system in the country. It will help both teachers and students keep up with the latest approach in education teaching and learning. Education Enhancement Allows World Bank Approve Philippine $110M...

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