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Philippine Offshore Wind Projects Get Support from Foreign Companies, USTDA

The Philippines received a grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) for its offshore wind projects feasibility study.
The Philippines' struggling economy is having a hard time recovering from the pandemic and inflation, not to mention the tremendous gas price hike around the world. The country seeks energy alternatives and launches offshore wind projects with the support of (USTDA) and foreign companies. Feasibility...

Agro-Food Takaful Insurance Scheme Gives New Hope to Malaysian Farmers

Malaysian farmers will benefit from the government-backed Agro-Food Takaful Insurance Scheme to compensate them for damages and losses due to natural disasters.
Farmers produce food for people to eat and without them, the world will go hungry. In Malaysia, farmers can take advantage of the Agro-Food Takaful Insurance Scheme plans supported by the government through MAF. It aims to compensate farmers for damages and losses caused...

Vietnam’s Tuna Export Could Increase Despite Worldwide Inflation

Vietnam's tuna export to the US and the EU dramatically increases, finding it a sustainable replacement for chicken meat.
Despite the worldwide inflation, Vietnam's tuna export is likely to increase in prices and volume. Vietnam's yellowfin tuna fishery is the major wild-capture export commodity. In 2018 alone before the pandemic struck, the country's export value totalled almost $380 million. With a scientific name of...

Marcos Jr Schemes Out Huge Plans for the Philippines, But with Meager Details – Analysts

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr delivered his first SONA, but with little details according to analysts.
On Monday, newly-elected Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr addressed his first state of the nation. However, he provided only minute details regarding his huge plans for the country, without emphasis on human rights and corruption, according to analysts. Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr's First State...

Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha Expresses Full-Term Service

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha expresses his interest of serving another to accomplish his long-term projects.
In March next year, Thailand will have to elect a new prime minister to help the country revive its fading economy. Thailand's Prayuth Chan-ocha wants another term to make his projects proceed faster. Prayuth Chan-ocha Seeks Another Term Like any other economy in the world, Thailand...

Will Cambodia’s Betting Business Be Able to Get Back on Track After the Pandemic?

Cambodia's betting business is trying to make a comeback and expects to welcome 1 million international tourists to help revive its economy.
Most businesses worldwide suffer huge losses during the pandemic and Cambodia is no exception. Seeing the pandemic as less risky, the ASEAN country's betting business seems to be having difficulties getting back on track, according to the government's latest data. Cambodia has been one of...

Evicted Tiger Resort Board Charges Kazuo Okada, Antonio Cojuangco

Kazuo Okada took over casino company Okada Manil, ousting Tiger Resort Board.
Ousted Tiger Resort board files a case against Kazuo Okada and his partners for alleged kidnapping. It involves accusations of harassment and other mischiefs pertaining to the "aggressive and unlawful" takeover of Okada Manila last week. No Authorization for Casino Resort's Seizure On May 31st, Okada's...

Climate Change Continuously Takes Its Toll on ASEAN countries

Climate change is a global issue that every country must take into consideration as it affects all things that live on Earth.
Malaysia wasn't expecting that the country would experience early a phenomenon they supposed to happen once in a hundred years. It's all because of climate change. Sooner than Expected Event Due to Climate Change Malaysia never anticipated that the occurrence, which only happens in 100 years,...

Animals Asia Uncovers Animal Abuse in Vietnam’s Circuses and Amusement Parks

Animal abuse has been evident in some circus and amusement facilities in Vietnam. based on Animals Asia's report.
Animals Asia exposes animal abuse in Vietnam's circuses and entertainment parks. The government's drive to protect the animals isn't enough to cushion them from such cruelty. The Hong Kong-based non-profit animal rights group Animals Asia revealed animal abuse in the said facilities. Animals live in...

Malaysia Should Add More Value on Exports

Malaysia also experiences a slump in the economy because of the pandemic. To revive its dwindling economy it must focus in its export by adding values to it.
Because of the pandemic, Malaysia wasn't able to entice foreign direct investment, unlike before. According to former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, they missed the opportunity to become the largest maker of rubber products globally. The country makes motor vehicle tires but can only provide...

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