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Electric Cars Could Threaten the Philippines’ ‘Last Frontier’

The demand for "eco-friendly" electric cars that use lithium batteries threatens Palawan's ecosystem - the Philippines' last frontier.
The Philippine archipelago consists of 7,640 islands dotted with beautiful, pristine rainforests and farmlands. However, with the rise of "eco-friendly" electric cars that use lithium batteries, the rest is history. Palawan: Philippines' Last Frontier Threatened by Electric Cars Palawan serves as the Philippines' "last frontier." Most...

Cambodia Airport Welcomes World’s Largest Airlines

Cambodia airports start welcoming some of the biggest airlines around the world.
Cambodia airport began welcoming some of the biggest airlines around the world despite the Omicron variant. Cambodia Airport Busy as a Bee Again It's been a long time since Cambodia airport became busy receiving locals and foreigners because of the pandemic. According to Phnom Penh International...

Miss Universe 2021: No Indonesian Contestant to Vie for the Crown

Indonesia confirmed that it won't send a representative to the Miss Universe 2021 due to lack of preparation and Omicron variant concerns.
The Miss Universe 2021 pageant is fast approaching, and every contestant is excited about the big event. However, not everyone is enthusiastic because some countries can't participate due to the current Omicron variant threat. Indonesia announced that it wouldn't send a contestant to represent the...

Omicron Variant Rushes Countries to Impose Travel Bans

The Philippines is temporarily suspending tourists entry from "red list" countries to prevent Omicron variant from spreading.
Most ASEAN countries have already opened their borders while others are getting ready to open their tourist attractions to foreign visitors. However, with the emergence of the new Covid virus mutation, Omicron variant, it seems that tourism will have to wait for an indefinite time. The Philippines...

Selfie with Huge Crocodile Turns into Disaster

A huge crocodile in a Philippine amusement park attacked a tourist while trying to take a selfie with the voracious animal.
A Philippine tourist's birthday turned into a disaster when a huge crocodile attacked him while taking a selfie. Nehemias Chipada celebrates his birthday together with his family in Amaya View. It's an amusement park situated in Cagayan de Oro City in the Philippines. He enjoyed...

Medical Cannabis: Thailand Aims to Become Products Research and Development Hub

Medical cannabis products are up for sale in a stall.
Thailand organized the International Medical Cannabis Research Center as it signed an MOU with RxLeaf World Medica. The country wants to become one of the world's top products research and development centers. The agreement aims to associate doctors, experts, and researchers from around the globe...

Philippine Army Gets Innovation from Israel

Israeli will help the Philippine Army in revolutionizing its military defenses by sharing systems and latest technology.
Israel strengthens its defense ties with the Philippine Army by innovating them with the latest military technologies. However, there is no more selling of weapons involved in the agreement. “This is part of what I said we have exchanges on different levels in bringing in...

Chinese Coast Guard Obstructs, Allegedly Shoots Philippine Supply Boat with Water Canon

Chinese coast guards blocked and water-cannoned Philippine boats bound to Ayungin Shoal to supply food to military personnel.
The issue of disputed territories around the Philippine Sea is far from over. Three Chinese Coast Guard vessels obstructed and allegedly water-cannoned two Philippine supply boats bound to Ayungin Shoal. Ayungin Shoal, Part of Kalayaan Island Group Also called Second Thomas Shoal, Ayungin Shoal is an...

Singapore Airlines Boeing 737 Max Soon to Fly Again

Singapore Airlines Boeing 737 Max will once again take to the skies after the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore lifted its suspension.
After more than two years of inactivity, the Singapore Airlines Boeing 737 Max will soon fly high again. Singapore Airlines disclosed that its six Boeing 737 Max aircraft (now 737-8) would resume service. It will only be available on short to medium-haul flights throughout the...

Philippines to Sell Retail Treasury Bonds at ₱30B

The Philippines is again selling retail treasury bonds to help boost the economy and support COVID-19 response.
The pandemic's devastating effect continues to wreak havoc all over the world. The death toll keeps increasing, while economies suffer at the same time. To save the dwindling economy, the Philippines is again selling retail treasury bonds. RTB sales proceeds were generally incorporated into...

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