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Maureen B. Santos makes it a point to step up in everything she does. She’s a dynamic and resourceful person with a strong will to learn more to make her skills better. She doesn’t believe in failure as long as you show perseverance to win. She worked in a BPO company as a Sales and Customer Service Representative. Her seven years of handling customers' concerns made her integrate those experiences when writing articles. She knew what they need and what they want, and what they don’t. In that way, she can create meaningful content that drives traffic. She’s full of imagination and skills, enabling her to write different articles in various niches. Her work involves SEO, copywriting, blogging, ghostwriting, e-book writing, creative writing, content writing, editing, publishing, and much more. She even handled international writers for an online news publishing company.

Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Occurs Near Bali, Indonesia

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit Bali Sea near Bali in Indonesia.
Around 3:55 a.m., a 7.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Bali Sea near Bali, Indonesia. Occurrence of a Strong Earthquake Near Bali Island Locals and foreign tourists scrambled to their feet when they felt the ground shaking. This morning, a magnitude -7.1 earthquake occurred in the...

Philippines Introduces Pearl, Its First ‘Digital Human’ at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023

Fans of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 surely won't want to miss talking with Philippines first digital human, Pearl.
Even now, basketball fanatics can't contain their excitement to watch their favourite players in a live game of FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. To make it more exciting, digital human, Pearl will greet the spectators. Philippines Presents Pearl, the Country's First 'Digital Human' The FIBA Basketball...

PH Supply Vessels Defy Chinese Coast Guard Impediment in Ayungin Shoal

Despite Chinese coast guards' obstruction, the Philippine supply boats made a successful delivery to BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin Shoal.
Armed with courage and determination, two Philippine supply boats boats made it to the BRP Sierra Madre on Tuesday, defying the Chinese Coast Guard's impediment in the Ayungin Shoal. Supplies Successfully Delivered Despite Chinese Coast Guard's Hostility The Philippine supply boats continued their mission to bring...

New Philippine Military Frontier Considered to Fortify Benham Rise

The Philippines plans to build a military camp in Divilacan, Isabela to guard Benham Rise from intruders who will exploit its resources.
With the rising tension in the West Philippine Sea, the Marcos administration is planning to set up a naval stronghold in Divilacan, Isabela's coastal town. It intends to keep an eye on Benham Rise (Philippine Rise), assumed to consist of massive natural gas deposits. What...

Philippines Made No Promise to Remove BRP Sierra Madre From Ayungin Shoal

The Philippines made such no promise in pulling out the BRP Sierra Madre from the Ayungin Shoal contrary to the Chinese government's claim.
It's becoming clear now why Chinese militia boats swarm and secure the waters near Ayungin Shoal. According to China, the Philippines "made a promise" to remove the dilapidated BRP Sierra Madre from the Ayungin Shoal, which the communist country might have misunderstood. History of BRP...

Vietnam to Export Affordable Rice to the Philippines

Bags of rice await delivery to buyers.
Vietnam promised to supply the Philippines with affordable rice, according to National Assembly of Vietnam President Vuong Dinh Hue. Steady Rice Supply at Affordable Prices House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez's met with the National Assembly of Vietnam president, Vuong Dinh Hue on the eve of the...

Child Pornography: Shopee Withdrew Listing Selling Child Porn to Malaysian Users

Shopee has permanently banned the alleged seller's account and removed the listing related to child pornography from the platform.
E-commerce platform, Shopee, deleted a listing that sells child pornography to Malaysian users. At the same time, the company banned the seller's account that transacts offensive items. Understanding Child Pornography Supposedly, child pornography is a description of a minor engaged in sexual or sexually-related behaviour. It...

Price Negotiations for Rice Export Continue Amid India’s Ban on Rice Exportation

Due to El Niño and non-stop rain, rice fields dried up or submerged in water forcing affected countries to consider rice export.
Climate change heavily affects farmers - either drying their fields or submerging them in water. Rice, in particular, is the most affected crop, which is also the staple food of Asian countries. When there's a rice shortage, countries might consider rice export, especially the...

Foreign Energy Firms Regard Philippines for Renewable Energy Investments

Energy firms regard the Philippines for its renewable energy investments.
The Philippines continues to experience electricity shortages, particularly in the provinces. To rectify this, the country must find ways to prevent such inadequacies. Foreign energy firms are considering the country for renewable energy investments. Portuguese Firms See Philippines for Renewable Energy Investments According to the Department...

Scale Drop Disease Virus Attacks Sea Bass Farming in Singapore

A deadly fish virus put a halt on sea bass farming in Singapore, amidst the boosting of local seafood production.
Sea bass farming in Singapore faces a tough ordeal following an outbreak due to a destructive fish virus called scale drop disease virus (SDDV). Due to the fish virus known as scale drop disease virus (SDDV), Barramundi Group has to cease its sea bass farming...

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