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Merck’s COVID-19 Pill Rushes Thailand Procurement

Thailand is the latest Asian nation that is rushing to buy Merck's COVID-19 pill.
Thailand is the latest Asian nation that is rushing to buy Merck's COVID-19 pill. The government is already discussing the purchase with Merck & Co to procure 200,000 of the antiviral medicine called molnupiravir. This experimental and orally-taken pill initiates errors in the virus' genetic...

Plastic Bottle Museum Raises Worsening Ocean Plastics Crisis

Environmentalists in Indonesia want to convince people to reconsider their habits and refrain from using single-use bags and plastic bottles.
The whole world is suffering from the worsening ocean plastic crisis. Plastic bottles of different sizes pollute the ocean along with other garbage. Environmentalists in Indonesia want to convince people to reconsider their habits and refrain from using single-use bags and plastic bottle. Museum of...

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Declares Retirement from Politics

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Declares Resigning from Politics
On May 9, 2022, the Philippines will choose its leader for better or worse. Some candidates will vie for  Philippine president, while others are happy to stay in their current position. Others will apply for a new role, while others will leave the chaotic...

Singapore Zoo Introduces Rothschild’s Giraffes from India

Singapore Zoo family gets larger with two Rothschild's giraffes that journeyed from India. The tallest mammal on earth made its public appearance after nine days of land and sea journey. They need to stay in quarantine for three months. The newcomers settled well with...

Mobile Number Portability Rolls Out in the Philippines

Philippines starts rolling out its mobile number portability, enabling users to switch networks while retaining their phone numbers at the same time.
Some people can't get what they need or want in phone service. It's why they switch to other networks but can't use the same number with a new provider. However, with the country's Mobile Number Portability Law implementation, users can jump from one network...

Cambodia Trains Virus-Sniffing Canines

Cambodia train virus-sniffing canines to detect COVID-19(Pojakroon/Pixabay)
Due to the rising number of new Covid-19 variants, Cambodia started training virus-sniffing canines. The country hopes that these animals will be able to help restrain the spread of the virus.  According to the health ministry, more than 98% of the adult population had...

Marijuana Farming in Malaysia Seeks Legalization

Marijuana plant (Michael Fischer/Pexels)
Malaysian Muda founder hopes for the legalization of marijuana farming for economic and health reasons. Marijuana has a bad reputation for its harmful effects on humans. Some people use it for medical purposes, while others use it for recreation. What is Marijuana? Marijuana is a greenish-gray...

Smuggled Carrots Enter Philippine Markets

Smuggled carrots are up for sale in the market (WikimediaCommons/Domdomegg)
Smuggled carrots believed to come from China worry authorities and farmers. It's not just about the pesticide that clings to the root crops. They are also concerned about the price. In the past few days, carrot price in the market has gone down. Consumers are...

Looming Civil War in Myanmar Urges UN to Act Immediately

Political unrest in Burma excludes no one, even the children.
Myanmar is on the verge of an intensifying civil war due to the country's military rule. The military's displacement of Aung San Suu Kyi in February caused chaos and an impending nationwide revolution. The oust destroyed a decade of preliminary steps towards democracy. All...

Panasonic Ceases Singapore Operation Affecting 700 workers

Panasonic to stop Singapore operation due to arduous worldwide business standpoint.
The pandemic is evidently taking its toll on different businesses around the world. Panasonic will shut down its Singapore refrigeration compressor manufacturing operations. The closure is due to the unbearable global business projection. It includes the prolonged business strategic evaluation of the refrigeration compressor...

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