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Property Rental Market: Racial Discrimination in Malaysia

Racial discrimination also occurs in Malaysia's rental property market.
Racial discrimination exists anywhere in the world in different forms. Malaysian minister admits such behavior occurs in the property rental market in the country. Minister Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican accepted that racial discrimination persists in the property rental market. “But in Malaysia, when we...

Nahdlatul Ulama Forbids Cryptocurrency Under Islamic Law

Nahdlatul Ulama bans the use of cryptocurrency in Indonesia under Islamic law.
Nahdlatul Ulama issues fatwa and forbids the use of cryptocurrency under Islamic law. Many people around the world have learned to embrace cryptocurrency. Since Satoshi Nakamoto's invention of bitcoin, countless transactions happen every second. Businesses and individuals use digital currency as an investment and mode...

Singapore-Based High Net Worth Investors Considers Relocation

Singapore-basesd high net worth investors are considering to relocate their family members somewhere else.
No one and nothing is safe from the pandemic. It is the reason why some Singapore-based high net worth investors (HNWI) consider relocating their families. Lombard Odier reports that more successful Singapore-based high net worth investors are regarding relocation for their family members. It could...

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Plant Soon to Rise in the Philippines

South Korean company, ENPlus Co. Ltd. is inveswting in the Philippines to put up an electric vehicle manufacturing plant registered under PEZA.
The advent of technology gives rise to the emergence of e-vehicles (EV). A South Korean firm invests ₱5 billion to rise an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in the Philippines.  What is an electric vehicle? An electric vehicle can be partly or completely electrically powered. It has...

2021 World Travel Awards: Philippines, Asia’s Top Beach and Dive Destination

2021 World Travel Awards once again named the Philippines as Asia's Top Beach and Dive destination.
For the fifth time, the Philippines is once again named "Asia's Leading Beach Destination" in the 2021 World Travel Awards. The country also remained as "Asia’s Leading Dive Destination," since 2019. The Philippines Won 2021 World Travel Awards Again The Philippines did it again! Department of...

Malaysian Forest Reserves Denuded of Protection, on the Verge of Deforestation

Malaysian forest reserves are in the verge of deforestation due to logging, mining, and oil palm plantation.
Two Malaysian forest reserves in Johor, Malaysia, used to be jungles rich in wildlife diversity. Jemaluang and Tenggaroh are dense forests where elephants, sun bears, and tigers wandered. Extremely endangered However, in 2014, Johor’s list of permanent forest reserves comprises lands taken into private ownership. ...

Digital Payment is the New Normal for Filipinos

Filipinos are starting to embrace digital payment. (JFVelasquez Floro/WikimediaCommons)
The ongoing threat of the worldwide pandemic allows people to start embracing cashless payments. Filipinos see digital payment as the new normal. Filipinos lead the pack of digital payment users. Kaspersky's study noted that Filipinos appeared as the leading e-Cash users when it comes to online...

Vaccinated Travel Lanes: What You Should Know

Singapore will stretch its vaccinated travel lanes to 12-year-old children and below.
Singapore will stretch its vaccinated travel lanes to 12-year-old children and below. The country's move to encourage family travel will start on October 19. The vaccinated travel lanes in the region are accessible for all travel. It can be for business, family visits, or even...

Oxford Economics: Philippines Among Countries with Low Scorecard for Foreign Direct Investment

Oxford Economics noted that the country gained negative scores on infrastructure and logistics, political and business climate, and market size and potential.
Oxford Economics cites the Philippines as one of the countries with a low scorecard for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The country persists in having insufficient resources and business situations, according to the UK think tank. Philippines, least attractive for foreign investments according to Oxford Economics The...

Tourist Attractions in Vietnam to Open by December

Vietnam will open its main tourist attractions to local and foreign visitors to help boost its fluctuating economy.
The pandemic took the world by storm. Now it is taking its toll on everything - from the economy to peoples' lives. Countries all over the world continue to fight and try to live normally as possible. They find ways to overcome the Covid-19...

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